Randomly assign participants to differnet question groups

3 Monate 2 Wochen her #179936 von Ellaisa
Hello everyone,

I tried to randomly assign participants to differnet question groups.
I have created 2 different szenarios within 2 different questiongroups. Some people should see szenario 1 and the other szenario 2.
Therefore I created a question group (that is always hidden) including in one question the randomization with: if(is_empty(randnumber.NAOK), rand(1, 2), randnumber.NAOK) - question type is equation

Now I have created another question group, that is my first szenario. In the relevance euqation I have added: randnumber == "1"

Afterwards my questions for this szenario follow.

I have done the same with szenario number 2, only changed: randnumber == "2"

I tought that this should lead to a 50/50 randomization. Now I have started a pretest and I mostly offers szenario 1 (85% of participants).

Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong or could do better?

Thanks a lot!

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3 Monate 2 Wochen her #179937 von tpartner
What is your sample size? The larger the sample size, the closer you will get to 50/50.

You might also try:

if(is_empty(randnumber.NAOK), rand(1, 100), randnumber.NAOK)

And then use relevance:

intval(randnumber) < 51
intval(randnumber) > 50

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3 Monate 2 Wochen her #179938 von Ellaisa
Until now I have 40 completed questionnaires.
I was just wondering, as the first 10 were only scenario 1, afterwards 2x scenario 2 appeared and then it went on with scenario one.

I will try your solution!
Can you see any mistake in the way I did it? Or should it work out with a bigger sample size?
I need at least 100 participants

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3 Monate 2 Wochen her #179940 von Joffm
Hi, Ellaisa

everything you did was fine.
But as always:
If you throw a coin 10 times, you won't expect it to be a 5/5 distribution.
If you throw it 100 times, you won't expect a 50/50 distributiion, but will be nearer to a 50%/50%.

I just tested:
40 times with randnumber=rand(1,2): 19 times 1, 21 times 2
40 times with randnumber=rand(1,100): 18 times 1-50, 22 times 51-100

To be able to finetune a distribution survey, I prefer the following:
1. create your random number : r1=rand(1,100)
2. The relevance of your 2 scenarios is: r1<51, resp. r1>50.

If you see that the distribution gets unbalanced, just change the relevance equation (e.g. too much "2") like
scenario 1: r1<31
scenario 2: r1>30

or even (you only need "2")
scenario 1: r1==0
scenario 2: r1>0

You can do this, even if the survey is activated.

Best regards

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