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4 Jahre 11 Monate her #107023 von lmw1
If I click the Browser Back Button instead of the Survey "Previous" Button, using my Mac OS 10.9.2 with Firefox 27, it takes me out of the survey with a "Document Expired ... No Longer Available" alert message. I discovered that if I click on the browser alert window button "Try Again" and then select the browser option button "Send Again" I return to the survey with an alert message superimposed over it, saying: "Please use the Survey navigation buttons or index. It appears you attempted to use the browser back button to re-submit a page."

Anyway, this Browser Back Button behavior could be confusing to many users, and I worry that some will give up and not try to complete the survey, so I have a few questions.

(1) Is there a way to code the form so that if a user hits the Browser Back Button, he automatically sees the following message: It appears you tried to use your Browser's Back Button to go to a previous page. Please always use the Survey navigation buttons "Previous" and "Next."

(2) Even if we cannot code as described in #1 above, can we place at the beginning of the survey the following alert?

Please use the CRC Survey navigation buttons. Do not use your browser Back Button to return to or edit a previous page. If you do happen to hit your browser Back Button, you may have the option of "Try Again" or "Send Again" in your Browser that might return you to the survey.

Perhaps we could put this new alert page right after the existing Confidentiality page near the beginning of the survey?

(3) We also need an instruction about the option for the user to temporarily save an incomplete form. Perhaps the following should appear on yet another new page right after the Back Button alert page:

While filling out this survey, you may want to save your comments before completing all answers. You may do this by selecting the "Load Unfinished Survey" or "Resume Later" buttons at the bottom of each page in the survey. Please note that once you finally submit a completed survey, your responses will no longer be saved for you to review or edit.

I hope this makes sense. I would GREATLY appreciate any help and/or suggestions.


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4 Jahre 11 Monate her #107331 von lmw1

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