Complicated Quotas

4 Jahre 2 Monate her #106047 von badronald
badronald erstellte das Thema Complicated Quotas
Have a complicated quota situation not sure if this is possible to do. Ask participant what states had children in,if located in a certain state (say 5 of 50) then they will be eligible for a separate part of the survey. We only need 10 people from each of those 5 states to answer.
Is there a way to set-up a quota for this?
Basically, ask what state do you live in? Any of the 50.
If one of the special 5 then ask additional questions. After quota of 10 reached then no more.

Additional complication is any participant can have any number of children. I can get the quota to work for any single child but not across the multiple children across participant.

It may not be possible in limesurvey and will have to do the processing serverside.

I have attached a Demo here.

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