Edit Statistics reporting for 10 point arrays

6 Jahre 2 Wochen her #80240 von jefflanzi
jefflanzi erstellte das Thema Edit Statistics reporting for 10 point arrays
Hi Everyone,

I’m interested in changing the way certain question statistics are reported, particularly the 10 point array question. At the moment, I export my results to excel, then each subquestion is presented with the details of how many people selected each number in the array. I have to manually average all of these number for each subquestion then reformat to get my desired output.

What is your opinion on the following?
Subject 1 8.5
Subject 2 7.3
Subject 3 9.2
Subject 4 6.3

Can anyone suggest a way for me to get this output?

At the moment I assume I’d have to edit the code responsible for generating the statistics, but I haven't had any luck finding it. Can anyone direct me to the file where that is located?

I’m using LimeSurvey version 1.92+ build 120509

Thank you,

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