How to show overall score of correct answers?

3 Monate 6 Tage her #180578 von mariaa
Dear all,

I´ve created a quiz. On the last page I´d like to create a summary that shows how many answers the participant has answered correctly like this:

"You scored correctly on 4 of the 13 questions."

How do I generate this overview? Unfortunately it´s not possible to do this with the assessment function since I´m using question types like ranking and numerical input that are excluded from this function.

I understand that somehow I need to define the correct answer for each question but I´m not sure about how exactly the syntax needs to be adjusted.

This is my first approach (I already succeeded at creating a syntax in order to show the participant whether he answered correctly.)

if( ! is_empty(A1_SQ001.NAOK) and is_empty(A1_SQ002.NAOK) and is_empty(A1_SQ003.NAOK) and ! is_empty(A1_SQ004.NAOK), "That is the correct answer.", "That is the false answer. The correct answer is..")

But I am not sure how I can define in lime survey what is right and what is wrong and how to generate the overview "You scored correctly on 4 of the 13 questions."

What would the syntax look like for this?

Thanks a lot for your help

Kind regards and have a nice weekend


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