Dynamically show answer options for ranking based on previous question

4 Monate 2 Wochen her #178855 von sage12
I have an Array question with a Likert5 scale from Extreme Need to No Need. There are 20 options for the respondent to indicate the level of need. After they mark the level of need, the following question asks them to Rank Order those marked as Extreme Need.

Q1. What do you feel are the most pressing needs in the world today? (Array with 20 "needs" to mark)
5 - Extreme need
4 - Strong need
3 - Moderate need
2 - Slight need
0 - No need

Q2. Please rank order those identified as Extreme Need (Rank answers based on Q1)

Is it possible to dynamically create a list of answer options for ranking in Q2 based on all items marked as Extreme need?

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