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9 Monate 2 Wochen her #172083 von aehaba1

If, for example I want to ask this kind of a question:

What year you were born?

and I want to examine people that were born only from 1990-2000, and those who were not in this year, i would like the

system to give them the answer that there not in the research group or to write a different message.

How I can do it?

Is this question called, Array filter exclusion?

Thanks in advance

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9 Monate 2 Wochen her #172085 von DenisChenu

2 solutions :
1. create one quota at 0 for each year
2. Create an Yes/No question, set Y with EM with default value, put this question just after the year question. And set one quota to Y

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9 Monate 2 Wochen her #172086 von Joffm
And if they are not in the research group they are not allowed to participate?

Here you have to use "quotas" (with a limit of 0)

Unfortunately the quota management of LS is not the very best.
You cannot use questions of type "numerial input" or "date/time" in quotas.
But this is no difficulty.
By an equation like {if(Q1<1990 OR Q1>2000,0,1)} you create a single answer (0 or 1)
This result you can use in the quota.

Or do you just avoid entries not in the range?
Here you can use "Minimum" , "Maximum" settings in numerical questions or your own validations.

"Array filter exclusion" is something quite different.
Here you only display answer options that were NOT selected in a previous (multipunch) question.

Best you read in the manual about question types and quotas:

If you have further questions about that, please send a small sample (*.lss)

Best regards

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