edits to live survey, common practices of new users

8 Monate 2 Wochen her #172021 von Saoirse
New user here. How do frequent users of LimeSurvey normally make changes to an active survey? Do they deactivate, or expire the survey?

I understand the difference between deactivating and expiring. I understand no changes at all can be made to an active survey. However, I'm trying to understand how this works for others in practice. I have built and ran many surveys on two other (paid) platforms, but I'm completely new to LimeSurvey. I use an installation on my own server.

Thank you

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8 Monate 2 Wochen her #172039 von Joffm
you know, even if a survey is activated you can change
  • texts
  • relevance equations
  • validation equations

You cannot change the type of a question no the structure of the survey without deactivating.

Exactly as it is descripted here:

So if you want to change more than the mentioned things you have to
  • export your data
  • deactivate
  • change
  • activate again
You have the option to include your "old" participant table again

Best regards

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