Small solution to randomize responses

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OfflineSurveys does not yet allow random responses.

But as I needed to use it, I created a function to resolve temporarily, and that worked well for me. So I'm sharing it to anyone who needs it.

Add the following function to the question source code:
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
$(document).ready(function() {
            qid : '{QID}', //qid of question
            array : false, //True for array subquestions or False for radio, checkbox.
            excluir : ['other'] //exclude randomization option

And add the following function to your template.js
function randomItems(data){
	var el = $('#question'+data.qid);
	var pr = data.array==true?'.answers-list':'.answer-item';
	var o = [];
		var id = $(this).attr('id').split(data.qid).pop();
	for(var j, x, i = o.length; i; j = parseInt(Math.random() * i), x = o[--i], o[i] = o[j], o[j] = x);

So that's it, I hope this code helps somebody.
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