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1 Monat 2 Wochen her #194454 von plafeber
I was learning about the CPDB and saw that this is a central table that was originally empty.
I decided to migrate the local participants from my first survey to the CPDB. I had already added one custom attribute "attribute_1" to document per participant what company they are from.
From then on, I was no longer able to enter the CPDB because of the message in the Subject of this topic. I guess there is an issue with moving local participants with custom attributes to the CPDB. I have not yet logged this as an technical issue because I don't know how. I have been a member for a week now.
I would like to start over with the Participants. It's not a long list to rekey. What is the best way to get rid of this issue?
A>> Remove tables "lime_participant_attribute" "lime_participant_attribute_names" "lime_participant_attribute_names_lang" and "lime_participant_attribute_values"?
B>> Download my survey structures, then reinstall Lime and upload again?
C>> Somehow removing the reference to this attribute 1 elsewhere so that the CPDB no longer hits this problem and I can start over creating custom attributes directly in the CPDB.

Update; I thougth to be smart and went directly to /limesurvey/index.php/admin/participants/sa/attributeControl. I told the system to remove my custom attribute, but the message stays the same.

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