Getting started with Docker LimeSurvey Image on Windows host

1 Jahr 2 Monate her #179914 von visionit
Hey, when you take a look at the you'll see what's going on during the update.

It'll check if the config.php exists and if the database is initialized. If so, it'll run the console.php updatedb to upgrade the database if necessary. So changing the Image Tag and restarting the Container is enough to update.


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2 Monate 4 Tage her #193303 von limesurvey_asker

visionit schrieb: Hi,

so all uploaded (persitent) user data is stored to the upload/ directory. Any other data (in www/) is application specific, thus getting changed when changing the version of the image. So what you want to do, is to use a Volume for /var/www/html/upload/

If you change the Image version you'll get the new LS version and the uploaded data stays the same.

I'd be very happy to get feedback for improvement from the LS Team.


so all my templates are in the upload directory, right? So if the updated Limesurvey Version still accepts the templates, everything should be fine?
What about the database, you need that running in a sperate container or elsewhere, right?

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