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1 Woche 4 Tage her #181646 von efingdmi
Hi all,

is it possible (from the technical side) to share a link, which will show the internal statistics filtered?

Example: I open the statistics, change a few settings like "only 5 specific questions" and "show graphs" and then I would love to share this view with another user, who has permissions on this survey.
I could export it as PDF or Excel file and share it then, but I would love to send a link which will show the filtered version - this would be really awesome.
Is this a technical problem or just not implemented and a feature request?


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1 Woche 3 Tage her #181664 von DenisChenu
In my opinion : plugin task.

Assistance on LimeSurvey forum and LimeSurvey core development are on my free time.
I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH member, professional service on demand (or search sondages pro).
An error happen ? Before make a new topic : remind the Debug mode .

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