Implementing a modified semantic differential scale

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This is my first post. Thank you for offering this lovely resource. I apologize in advance if one of the existing threads on this topic answer this question, and I was just unable to locate/understand the resource.

I have a survey that was given to me for web implementation. It was specifically stated that the project team does not want it modified in any form.

Much of the form uses a modified, unmarked semantic differential scale with a 7-point continuum (where 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 is being used as opposed to 3/2/1/0/1/2/3). Most individual questions have a unique stem and stem-specific extremes on the opposing ends of the answer continuum - so an answer grid/matrice would not be possible for most of the questions. Further, some of the labels for the extremes on each side of the continuum are long (and are not always polar opposites – so it is even more important that R be able to clearly read both ends). This is complicated by the knowledge that many R's will complete this form on a mobile device, so something that displays the scale portion vertically (such as Example B) could potentially occupy more room than the screen has, forcing R's to scroll mid-question.

For example:

Presumably, a horizontal layout with slider will probably fit (and function) better on touch screen devices with smaller screens.

So I am seeking a solution where I can implement a 7-point slider (where as probably the slider defaults on the middle point since there is no differentiation being made between neutral vs. no opinion), and have custom text on the left and right sides (up to 12 words per-side.) I’m also open to any advice if there is a better way to implement this.

In terms of export, I would like the entire question to be treated as a single variable, and the numerical response exported verbatim, which presumably would not be difficult to do.

From what I have read, it appears that JavaScript is going to be needed to accomplish this. However, I am struggling to find a solution that meets this unique situation. Thank you for your feedback!
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There is an existing Semantic Differential capability in the normal array type question -

Tony Partner

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1 Jahr 1 Monat her #179450 von FeCanever
Hi, Tony,

What about semantic differentiation in a slider question -- is it possible?

Thanks in advance.

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