Feature requests

We all know the feeling: LimeSurvey has a lot of functions  - but the longer you work with it the sooner you notice that missing feature you would really need right now. You think 'Why is this not a LimeSurvey feature - it is so obvious!' - but that's not necessarily true. We do get a lot of feature requests,  but is hard to tell how commonly needed a feature is. So we offer a way to vote on features.

How to request a new feature

  • If you don't have a limesurvey.org account please create one first.
  • Visit our bug/feature tracker, log in and make sure that 'Features' are selected in the upper right 'Project:' select box.
  • Check if someone else already opened a feature request like yours by searching for it.
  • If you don't find the feature existing please create a new feature by clicking 'Report issue' in the main menu bar.
  • If your desired feature already exists in the feature tracker, then vote on it.

How to vote for a feature

  • If you don't have a limesurvey.org account please create one first.
  • Log in to the feature tracker.
  • Open the desired feature issue in the feature tracker.
  • Scroll down and on the bottom you will find a section named 'Issue Community Support' where you can vote for this feature.
  • Please note that you can also vote against a feature.

How to check on the top features


We are trying to implement the top features first - but note there is no time frame on it. If you want to speed up the development of a certain popular feature please consider a donation.

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