Enable authentication through LDAP

10 months 1 week ago #183274 by pkorovessis
I am trying to enable LDAP authentication for my lime installation and I have issues. I have entered the following settings:

LDAP server: ldaps://myldap.domain.com
port: 636
LDAP version: 3
Enable TLS: check
method: search and bind
Attribute to compare to the given login: uid
Base DN for the user search operation: DC=domain,DC=com
Optional DN of the LDAP account used to search: cn=administrator,cn=users,dc=domain,dc=com
Password of the LDAP account used to search: password
LDAP attribute of email address: mail
LDAP attribute of full name: displayName

With the above settings, I cannot create a user for LDAP. The error I get is "Can't contact LDAP server"


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