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2 years 10 months ago #108996 by georgebradford
Hi forum,

I am currently running my own hosted LS, Version 2.05+ Build 140422, and the university I work at is running an older version, Version 2.00+ Build 130802. When I import a survey structure (.lss file) from my site to the university's, I get an error that states "Survey.questionindex is not defined".

When a university tech removes the lines with questionindex (using Notepad), the file would seem to import ok.

These two lines are new in version 2.05 that are not in version 2.00:


Can an LS engineer tell me what I will lose or what won't work properly if I remove these two lines?

Thank you for any advice.



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2 years 10 months ago #109036 by DenisChenu
Yes no problem,

Before we use another string :


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