HTML editor converts special characters to html entities within equations

3 years 3 weeks ago - 3 years 3 weeks ago #105844 by ctreisch
In Version 2.00+ Build 131107 one special character (">") that is within equations that are part of a question (Expression Manager) gets converted by the equation editor to an HTML entity (">"), thus breaking the equation.

Steps what I did:
I imported a new question with an equation containing {if(choiceSet4Variant >= 1, choiceSet4Variant, floor(rand(1, 2.9999)))} in "source" view, saved and closed the question without modifying,
the equation then got converted to
{if(choiceSet4Variant & g t ;= 1, choiceSet4Variant, floor(rand(1, 2.9999)))}, which I could see when I hit the "source" view button. [& g t ; without blanks of course]

This is not a "source view only" problem, but the equation is not executed and/or stored.

The same problem has been reported as beeing fixed in Version 2.00 (see ).
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