Unable to obtain survey responses using XML-RPC

3 years 2 months ago #103978 by abroadwin

I've been using limesurvey for an automated survey/response system for a while, and when I upgraded to Version 2.05+ Build 140116 it appears to have broken the XML-RPC methods I've been using.

list_surveys no longer returns SIDs, though it does return the survey names and whether or not they are active. Worse, in my case, though is that export_responses returns the following empty response:

The parameters I use are:
0: Session ID
1: Survey SID
2: csv
3: en
4: complete
5: full
6: long

Is this a known issue, or have the parameters changed in some way? I really appreciate any time or help you can offer.



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3 years 2 months ago #104053 by DenisChenu

Maybe best ois to put a bug report. With:
- A lsa file (little lsa)
- The script you use for remote control access

AND, maybe it's best to use JSON-RPC now.


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