Max File Number 10, only allows upload of 2 files ??!!

3 years 3 days ago #106659 by MaxHoerl
Dear Limesurvey Forum

at my work I'm running a Limesurvey survey for online applications. There is a file upload question (question type file_uploads) at the end where the applicants are supposed to upload there CV, etc. (10 files altogether). In the advanced settings of the question I've set the "Max number of files" to 10.

There seems to be a problem with that as it only allows the upload of 2 files when running the survey. I've experimented a with the Max number of files a bit: It seems to work fine up to a Max file number of 9. Beyond that the upload of only 2 files is allowed.

My Limesurvey Version seems to be 1.92dev. It's running on an server with asf file system (although i can't imagine how that could be connected to the problem).

I appreciate all your help!

Best regards,

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3 years 3 days ago #106664 by tpartner
Unfortunately, we cannot support a 2 year old development version. Please update to the latest stable version and retest.


Tony Partner

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