Aggregate Assessments (scores) & graphically present from all respondents?

8 months 1 day ago #180402 by rogerl
Hi all,
I'm a developer, but new to LimeSurvey. So far, I love it! Thanks to all the developers.

I have a pretty straightforward survey, like a personality test. Each question has a score (weight) which I total up to a final assessment score - I want to graphically present these scores (from all respondents) in a scatter plot graphs.

This graph would be available to an admin, likely through a different set of php pages, as advanced graphing doesn't seem to be available within the LimeSurvey system. Thus, I imagine a separate php website which remotely reaches in to the limesurvey database to grab the relevant data....

1) Is there an easy way to access the assessment scores for each respondent across the entire reports? (I couldn't find this in the manual) . i.e. A php scriptable means to access the database results table etc and extract an array of assessment values. I know WITHIN a report I can use expressions....

2) Can the built in graphing engine (pchart??) be called externally using the data I've retrieved??

Thanks in advance for any help!

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8 months 1 day ago #180404 by jelo
assessment scores aren't saved in the database. You would need to use e.g. equation questions to save them into the responses table.

The meaning of the word "stable" for users

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8 months 1 day ago #180406 by rogerl
Thanks - yes, I already figured out about storing assessments using an equation.

The question now is how to access ALL the assessments across all the responses and how to generate a scatter graph...

Further study of this forum: I found perhaps the remote API is the best way to grab (and then parse) responses, and then feed the numbers through a reporting engine, like pchart or something.

Are there any great examples anyone knows of tho do this??

Thanks again!

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