How do I change the content of the e-mail sent to new survey administrators?

8 months 2 weeks ago - 8 months 2 weeks ago #180048 by neut223
Hey guys, I'm admin on Limesurvey for a company but I actually have no clue of Limesurvey. I already searched and didn't find any solution to this problem.

When I add a new survey administrator (Configuration -> manage survey administrators -> Add users), they get an e-mail with their password and the link to the admin panel. I need to change the content of this e-mail, can anyone explain to me how to do that, or are there any links I missed out? Appreciate your help!
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8 months 1 week ago #180050 by holch
I think this is not included into the email templates, but most probably within the language files for translation. So see the information about translating Limesurvey within the manual.

But, if you just change an existing language, the risk is that your changes are overwritten with the next update. So probably you would need to create your own language for that, to be on the save side (and you would not receive and updates for this language, of course).

I'm not a LimeSurvey GmbH member. I answer at the LimeSurvey forum in my spare time. No support via private message.
Some helpful links: Manual (EN) | Question Types | Workarounds
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