Can I Save Different Versions of a Master Survey?

2 years 9 months ago #139719 by CitrusSurvey
I've created a 100-question master survey that contains numerous groups, each with numerous topical questions.
This intent of this master survey is to provide a palette of groups and questions from which smaller surveys can be compiled.
My understanding is that Limesurvey automagically assigns a random ID to every survey and that this cannot be changed.

How then would I create either of the following:
1) A copy of my master survey that had a different and unique survey ID?
2) A uniquely ID'd survey using, say half or 50 questions, of my 100 question master survey?

Ideally, I'd make unique copy of my master survey, delete those questions not required for my smaller survey, but that is apparently not possible.

Any suggestions welcome.

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2 years 9 months ago #139721 by Joffm
Hi, CitrusSurvey,

probably I misunderstand you.
To solve your first problem:
In "List surveys" click "Create a new survey".
Next window you select "Copy"
Now you are asked, which survey to copy, a new title of the survey, AND optional a new survey ID. If empty LS creates a unique survey ID.

And here is the solution of your second problem:
in this copy you can do anything: delete, add, modify questions. Whatever you want.

So: Always copy your master survey, and adapt the copy to your needs.

Best regards

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