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Can't upgrade LimeSurvey from version 1.8.7 to any later version

2 years 6 months ago #111625 by decanatb

We are using LimeSurvey 1.8.7 and it's working great. As we are changing our server (RHEL5) for another one (RHEL6), it's a good opportunity to update the application.

But we have a lot of issues with the operation. It's not working at all with any version.

First attempt
I first tried to upgrade manually from 1.8.7 to 2.0.5 following this manual
It frozes at the database conversion and the database is broken after that. I changed the timeout, duration, etc. in PHP but no luck.

Second attempt
I tried to upgrade manually from 1.8.7 to 1.9.2 (for a futur upgrade 1.9.2 to 2.0.5).

It works better but after a few time (and an unfrozen page with dots) I have a "gettemplatelist() no template directory" and the operation fails. The templates directories are existing and the RWX rights and ownership are ok...

Third attempt
I tried the "3 clics method" but the third step froze on a white page, and nothing else...

I really need your help because I made the operation at least 20 time and I really don't have any idea left :huh:

Have a nice day

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