Bug reporting

Bug tracking

We use a so-called 'bug tracker' to handle all bugs reports where you can report bugs for the latest stable or unstable versions.

Please note that to be able to report bugs you have to register a user account on limesurvey.org first and you can use that account to login to the bug tracker.

Alternatively you can take an anonymous look into the bug tracker using the following link (though won't be able to report anything):

Anonymously enter to the bug tracker

Reporting a bug

Please test if the problem still exists at the latest release . If so please, when you open a ticket in the bugtracker:

  1. Give as much information as possible
  2. Attach a little survey (lss or lsa file) demonstrating the issue (You can mark your ticket "private" so that only the developers will be able to take a look at it).
  3. Provide step-by-step instructions how to reproduce the problem.
  4. If possible please provide screenshots.
  5. If possible please provide phpinfo information

At the bug tracker : see at top right part if you select bug report.

And remember, as more information you give as faster we can fix the bug.

If you have already fixed the bug and want to contribute back to us, please create an account on Github and use a pull request.