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LimeSurvey Security Advisory 10/2015

A vulnerability of high severity was found in LimeSurvey which enables an attacker to get unauthorized access to files and data of your LimeSurvey installation. The LimeSurvey team thanks Pichaya Morimoto (discovery, analysis)...

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LimeSurvey Security Advisory 2014/09

In LimeSurvey there existed a vulnerability (CVE-2014-6227) that allows an attacker to gain superadministrator access to the LimeSurvey application. This issue affects all 2.00 versions and all 2.05 versions before build 140821....

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1.87RC3 coming soon - Portuguese forums

We will publish another 1.87 release candidate on Friday - version 1.87 RC3. Those who already use LimeSurvey any 1.87RC and have the update feature activated and working will receive an automatic notice on release. Please continue...

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New feature/idea tracker

Have your ideas and feature requests heard! We have set up a new idea tracker tool at Now everyone can propose new features and ideas for LimeSurvey and the commmunity can decide what's hot and what's...

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LimeSurvey Security Advisory 2009/04/29

There has been a issue uncovered with the latest LimeSurvey versions. Type of issue: Security issue by that an attacker get access to your LimeSurvey administration and files and can possibly change these - this allows for remote...

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LimeSurvey security advisory 9/4/2009

There has been a issue uncovered with an older LimeSurvey version, namely Version 1.71+. Type of issue: A version of FCKeditor (namely 2.6.2) which was used at the time inside the LimeSurvey software appears to have a security...

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