PHPSurveyor 1.0 Released

PHPSurveyor 1.0 is the culmination of 6 months of development and bugfixing for PHPSurveyor since the "stable" release of 0.99.  


The code itself has only changed slightly. We still tried to raise the stability of the codebase by keeping new features to a minimum. So expect the most stable release of PHPSurveyor ever! However you can expect some nice and shiny features like: 


  • MySQL 5 compatibility 
  • Relaying of emails over SMTP server 
  • Change survey sent/taken from "Y" to the date: When reviewing the tokens display, the fields telling if the survey request was sent, and the survey taken, display a N or Y. This was changed to be the actual date this event took place. This is giving some significant additional information to the survey author. (Patch by Thomas Ringate / tringate!) 
  • New global option that allows the administrator to specify what is the minimum number of remaining answers in an 'array - flexible' question that must be remaining before repeating the question headings. This avoids that the headings of the question are repeated if only a few answers are remaining. (Patch by Kris Ven !) 



Additionally we updated and added new languages which where kindly provided by numerous people:  

  • Updated slovenian language file 
  • Updated dutch language file 
  • Updated french language files & instructions by Sébastien Gaugry 
  • Updated french language file by Pascal Bastien 
  • Added croatian language file by Ivana Pavic 
  • Added Japanese translation by Masaru Ryumae 
  • Added Greek translation file by Artemis Mendrinos 
  • Added Romanian translation by Bogdan Anastasiei 
  • Added Swedish translation of administration by Niklas Andersson 
  • Updated spanish translation by Juan Rafael Fernàndez 
  • Updated russian translation by Alexander Shilov 



Hope you enjoy this release of PHPSurveyor. Thanks to all the assistance, words of encouragement, suggestions, bug notifications and general help provided by the PHPSurveyor community. Especially we want to thank the people who did donations in the way of contributions to the code or translations - not to forget the one who appreciated PHPSurveyor so much that they donated money to the project. This money will be partially used to implement new features after 1.0. Besides that we are looking forward to your future contributions for further languages, themes and/or patches!   


Download now this latest release!

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