LimeSurvey 1.70 Release!

The LimeSurvey Project is announcing the release of LimeSurvey version 1.70. 
LimeSurvey is a PHP-based web application that allows you to develop and publish online multi-question multi-lingual surveys. In addition to a large range of question types, and presentation methods, LimeSurvey also allows for survey branching (ie: conditional questions), quota support, optional participant control through a token system, and includes the capacity to export survey results to various formats. LimeSurvey also provides basic statistical analysis with optional graphs. 
This new version implements numerous new and highly professional features. By this version LimeSurvey becomes a full competitor to any commercial survey application and even outperforms some of them. 
New features include: 
- Quota Support to limit participant groups based on their answers 
- Dual Scale Matrix Question Type 
- Advanced Condition Designer 
- Easily upload resources (movies, pictures) to use in your survey 
- Advanced Administration User Management 
- More Translations (In total 42 languages & dialects!) 
- HTML-Emails 
- Postgres Database Support 
... and lots and lots of smaller features. 

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