PHPSurveyor 1.47beta Released!

My hope for a release candidate was utterly crashed Wink when we received (thankfully) lots of feedback (and bugs) from users. Thank you to everyone around the world who reported on the previous beta version and helped us finding bugs.

So here comes another beta release. Enjoy and report in the bugtracker!

Download it here! The unstable demo has been updated, check it out.


Changes from 1.46b to 1.47b - Release Date: 2007/03/14

- New feature: Preview questions as they are being edited (machaven)
- New feature: Survey List with User Details
- Fixed Export button target in statistics (lemeur)
- SPSS export updated (machaven)
- Reworked the token import to being more stable (machaven)
- Reworked the Excel import to be compatible
- MySQL now correctly handles utf-8 chars (Please re-install to fix this) (machaven & c_schmitz)
- Added a setting to config.php to manage the maximum session time (c_schmitz)
- Added a proper error message when taking a survey and the session is timing out for any reason (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #689: [Security] Memory size error (machaven)
- Fixed bug #703: [Survey at Runtime] Another infamous single quote issue in labels (lemeur)
- Fixed bug #575: [Import / Export] Export to Excel: Umlaute (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #632: [Import / Export] Exporting to MS Word - fields and answers not matched up (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #656: [Assessments] Assessments don't work properly; HTML source code shows wrong calculation results (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #690: [Statistics] Firefox-Problem: No "Show Statistic"-Button and some questions are not displayed (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #678: [Statistics] Filter in Statistic-Screens displays Questions without Order (lemeur)
- Fixed bug #636: [Survey at Runtime] Session Time-out Issues (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #688: [Survey Design] Labelset administration wrong import type shown (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #685: [Installation] Installation in existing MySQL DB (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #680: [Translation] Language Switch type question doesn't totally swicth (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #683: [Survey Design] Import of groups (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #684: [Survey Design] Import of groups (c_schmitz)
- Fixed bug #691: Internal Server Error when INSERTANS is used to show previous answers (machaven)
- Fixed bug #693: INSERTANS: Different text displayed depending on question type (machaven)
- Fixed bug #797: User-Managment: User with little rights has access to activate and edit tokkens (machaven)
- Fixed bug #700: User-Managment: User with little rights has access to create/edit users (machaven)
- Fixed bug #692: Labelset - save all without having changed anything - error message (machaven)

... and numerous small changes, translations and bug fixes by gasper_koren, lemeur, ferrisoxide, b00z00, machaven and c_schmitz

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