PHPSurveyor 1.45alpha Version Released

The PHPSurveyor development team is happy to announce the release of the alpha version 1.45. This new version really makes a difference to the current 1.0 stable. The ability to execute a survey in different languages at the same time, the ability to run on different database systems or the new user system for the admin section are only the base features. LDAP import for tokens and numerous small changes are the things which make this alpha version hot and spicy. 


Remember... this is an unstable alpha version. Do not use it for production purposes. However we will be happy about every feedback, suggestion and bug report. As soon you give us feedback as sooner we can get you a new and more stable version. If you need help do not to hesitate to ask in the forums or on IRC. Demo Here.

Now go to the Downloads and get your hands on it... or read the list of new features.


Changes from v1.0 to 1.45alpha 

  • Import tokens from LDAP queries (tlemeur)
  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server database (ferrisoxide)
  • Improved multi-db support (ferrisoxide)
  • Moved the english docs to online site (c_schmitz)- Added a new question attribute to limit the maximum number of answers in Multiple Options questions (attribute max_answers) (tlemeur)
  • Added a new user athentication system with user right/roles & groups (moses)
  • Added the capability to execute a survey in various languages at the same time (machaven/c_schmitz/uvtronald)
  • Re-ordering for groups and questions by up-down buttons instead of sorting by question/group name (c_schmitz/nkorfiatis)
  • Some interfaces for editing answers where changed so you can save changes to all answers for all languages on one click. (machaven/c_schmitz)
  • Added a new question type to change the survey language (c_schmitz)
  • Completely overhauled interface icons. The style has been kindly created by Mitchell Butler. Small additions by c_schmitz.
  • Added answer limiting based on a previous question for array question types (machaven)
  • Added drag'n'drop re-ordering for groups and questions (nkorfiatis)
  • Lots of fixes for the spss export (machaven)
  • Added page-by-page saving of the answers (swales)
  • Changed the translation system from language files to gettext system. That will make translations easier to handle and to update. Refer to the translation instructions. (c_schmitz))
  • Added date picker to date question type and survey properties (c_schmitz)
  • Changed the mailer class to PHPMailer which is alot more reliable and easier to configure. (c_schmitz)
  • Added an overview of all surveys in addition to the existing combobox (nkorfiatis)
  • Re-designed the .htaccess password creation so it does not rely on command execution (machaven)
  • Added ADODB universal database support - onyl mysql for now is supported. Work for odbc_mssql and postgres has begun. (Frediano Ziglio (Freddy77), c_schmitz)
  • Added Feature to save the referring URL. Kind Donator: Lawrence Weathers (docweathers) Coder: Richard Kavanagh (
  • Added feature to show custom attribute names in token interface
  • Added random survey number generation to make guesses on the surveyid harder
  • Moved some of the admin interface styles to style sheets
  • Fixed image links and included PNGFix in admin interface for crappy old IE6 browsers (nkorfiatis)
  • Added bubble hints to new icons (nkorfiatis)
  • Changed upgrade feature and added DB Versioning for easier updates to the DB in the future (c_schmitz))
  • Added Vietnamese language file originally by Vinh Ngo
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation by Mark Yeung
  • Updated Danish translation from Carsten Hoilund
  • Updated Italian language file by Mario Marani
  • Updated French language file by Sebastian Gaugry and Pascal Bastien
  • Added Finnish translation kindly provided by Matti Lassila
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese language file by Anderson Laécio Galindo Trindade
  • Removed experimental interface. there will be a new interface later in time.. just not this one.
  • Fixed numerous small bugs and added the same amount at other places. Smile

Have fun!

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