*UPDATED* PHPSurveyor Template Design Competition!

Template Competition Update

We haven't received many entries for the template competition yet.
If you want to get some extra new features you've been wanting into the stable release, then now this your chance. Please confirm participation with me, by email. If you need any help getting started then you can also email me.
The deadline for template submission has moved to the 28th of April.

We are looking for new templates for the upcoming stable version of PHPSurveyor. Candidates that want to enter the competition can private message Machaven on this site, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,  or stop by our Discord chat .

Template Requirements:

  1. A clean and elegant design.
  2. No animations or distracting features.
  3. Smooth and calm colors. 
  4. GPL v2 license 


General Reward:
The 1st place winner will have their template set as the new default template for PHPSurveyor. We will also feature the first place winner on the site. Other qualifying templates will also make their way into the next stable release and will receive credit on the site. 

Feature Rewards:
First and second place winners can choose additional features they would like to see included after the stable release.

1st Place
1x Major Feature to be developed (By agreement).
2x Minor Feature from the list.

2nd Place:
2x Minor Feature from the list.

Minor Features (From the bug tracker)
#488 Label Sets Copy
#573 random_order for array question types
#696 several counters
#695 timestamp at survey start (Calculate Survey Time)
#91   Add timestamp to token when generated (Calculate Days old?)
#487 Have {PARTIALURL} in addition to {SURVEYURL}
#681 Implement the SAVEDID field in the "End URL"

Or any other small functionality improvements, no new question types.

Deadline: 28th April 2007

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