PHPSurveyor is now LimeSurvey!

 Image This is big news and someone might have wondered why that lime fruit appeared in our logo starting a few weeks ago. It was all preparation for a step we are now taking. PHPSurveyor gets a new name: LimeSurvey !

"Why?" you might ask and you are right to do so. Well.. we all agree PHPSurveyor isn't the easiest to remember name but that wasn't so important to us - the thing that made us finally give our baby a new name was the restriction that we could never use any libraries using the PHP license (e.g. PEAR) in our software - because of the darn letters 'PHP' in our name. 

So what are the next steps: Beside a new name we will get now have a much lighter and more friendly website - and we would like to emphasize user friendliness and much easier installation in future versions of LimeSurvey. It's not there yet but you might have seen improvement in the last RC version. 

Does anything else change? No. Just we will try to rock the surveys. 

Last but not least I want to thank all the people that gave us feedback, donated to us and told us how they used PHPSurveyor/LimeSurvey and what they liked and what not. They helped us a great deal to move forward. Thank you!

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