LimeSurvey 1.80 RC4 released!

This release marks the last step before final release and is meant as a maintenance release for people already using the 1.80 version in production. We even managed to put in a couple of new features, most notably a data export to R.

 We also fixed numerous minor bugs which should make your life alot easier. Thank you to everyone contributing by reporting bugs or patches and to the great LimeSurvey team fixing, helping and creating new features!

 Now download our shiny new version 1.80RC4 or read the changelog...

Changes from 1.80RC3 (build 6239) to 1.80RC4 (build 6354) [2009/02/08]. Legend: + = new features, # = update, - = bug fix

#Updated Language: French. (b00z00)
#Updated Language: Swedish (maxz)

+New Feature Added result export to R (patch provided by Livio) (c_schmitz)
+New Feature: 'Set all answers to incomplete' is now available as the 'Iterate Survey' icon in the browse answers screen. It is only available for non anonymous surveys with allow persistence for token answers set to yes. (lemeur)
+New Feature: Question attribute "alphasort" to sort a list of radiobuttons or a dropdown list alphabetically. More info: (maziminke)
+New Feature #2832: Enable numbers_only attribute for Array (Multi Flexible Text) adapted from a patch by user level420. (lemeur)

#Updated Feature #2777: Export question title as variable label to SPSS (applied patch provided by Menno Dekker) (el-matador-69)
#Updated Feature: FCKeditor updated to version 2.6.4. (lemeur)
#Updated Feature: Renamed japh to LimeSurvey RemoteControl (lsrc) (c_schmitz)
#Updated Feature: Enhanced commandline feedback for errors (wahrendorff)

-Fixed templates (eric_t_cruiser)
-Fixed the Array questions 'answer text' cell to <th> making the tables more symantically correct. (eric_t_cruiser)
-Fixed issue #2773: Dual Scale Matrix Header scale A is not showing (el-matador-69)
-Fixed issue #2659: Little Problem with Default-Answer at Multiple Options Question Type and "Save All"-Button (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2769: Conditions - missing option for "Less than or equal to" (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2771: Conditions defined in scenario are not correctly displayed in the printable survey page (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2782: Skipping question produces error messages. (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2783: multiflexible_checkbox cannot be clicked. (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2788: Conditions do not work for question type 'Array (Multi Flexible) (Numbers)' in both Firefox and IE7. (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2794: conditions based on Array (Multi Flexible) questions aren't imported correctly (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2818: After a condition Add/Edit/Copy/Delete, the selected group is no more active when getting back to the Main Admin screen. (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2823: New question type Array (Muliple Flexible) Numeric or Text don't work in the LimeReplacementField (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2830: Tooltip in input fields of Array (Multi Flexible) (Text) showing first label title in all rows. Patch by level420 (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2844: Fix a bug that prevents conditions copy when question text contains HTML tags (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #2766: Crash on converting INSERTANS on survey import. Many thanks to lynchmv (lemeur)
-Fixed Firefox spellcheck not available in FCKeditor (c_schmitz)
-Fixed MySQL 6 compatibility  - replaced deprecated TYPE directives (c_schmitz)
-Fixed a bug in conditions where comparisons on text questions (Multiple short text, Array Multi Flexible Text) having the numbers_only question attribute are evaluated on strings rather than on their numerical value. (lemeur)
-Fixed a bug preventing users to use answers from Array (Multi Flexible Text) questions in conditions (lemeur)
-Fixed a bug where upload image wasn't possible anymore in FCKeditor. (lemeur)
-Fixed issue #1968: multi-lingual survey should be shown in best-matching language in public surveylist (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2015: array_filter does not work when survey in All-in-one mode and related questions are in different groups (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2356: Additional languages are not available when creating a new question (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2558: Session timeout issues under certain circumstances (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2739: Non-graceful fail on invalid token or language (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2753: Export results CSV does not give desired question codes  (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2763: Unable to use "Regenerate question codes: [Straight] [By group]" with MS SQL  - patch by lynchmv (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2768: Error message in install script (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2786: Extraneous comma at end of line in CSV export (c_schmitz)
-Fixed issue #2809: SPSS export fails on date field when no data in survey - patch kindly provided by mdekker (c_schmitz)
-Fixed: now the copy condition button is disabled if no question is elligible for the condition copy. This fixes some warnings in the logs as well. (lemeur)
-Fixed: the Advanced tab was automatically selected in the condition editor when using answers from  Array (Multi Flexible) Number questions (lemeur)
-Fixed: $showaggregateddata was placed at the end of the file instead of at the explanatory text (maziminke)
-Fixed: added division by zero check for standard deviation (maziminke)
-Fixed issue #02836: Public statistics are wrong - answer sum > 100%, percentage not calculated correctly (maziminke)
-Fixed issue #2635 - (eric_t_cruiser)
-Fixed some minor bugs created with the #2635 bug fix. Also cleaned up some of the CSS for all templates except business_grey. (eric_t_cruiser)
-Fixed: cmd_install now working again. Tested with postgres and mysql (wahrendorff)
-Fixed: issue #02804, now questions can be added to the top of the group (wahrendorff)
-Fixed: minor html error in dropdownlists (wahrendorff)
-Fixed: parsing of $relativeurl failed when using cmd_install (wahrendorff)
-Fixed: wrong path to wsdl, VariableNames in helper, includes in helper, Namespaces in wsdl (wahrendorff)
-Fixed: xhtml transitional 3 errors fixed (wahrendorff)
-Fixed: Removed hard-coded color codes from submission page (c_schmitz)
-Fixed: some bug with "close this window" isn't closing the window (wahrendorff)
-Fixed: minor helptext changes (wahrendorff)
-Changed 'import question' feature. It is moved below the tabs - there is no other way if we want multilingual tabs on question creation (c_schmitz)

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