LimeSurvey 2 will be rebuilt as a quiz tool!

This news item was, of course, an April Fools joke! LimeSurvey 2 will be a full featured survey-tool!

In a bold move in todays developer meeting the LimeSurvey core developers concluded to target a new market for the upcoming LimeSurvey 2.0. The new version 2.0 (codename: zillion)  will not, as originally intended, be created as a survey tool, but as an explicit and exquisite quiz tool. This turn of events resulted from more and more users asking in the forums and on the IRC support channel for functions if questions can be evaluated as true or false, implement according timers to force users to answer the question within a certain time and other functions, like the display if the previous question was wrong or false - and - as a high-point- the implementation of a two 'player'-mode so two quiz participiants can 'play' against each other so see who scores best.

Due to this change and the related simplifications of code, LimeSurvey 2 will be released much sooner now since alot of functions can be shed in the light of the new development plan. Exhaustive and complicated questions types are not necessary anymore since for quizzes the answers are most likely to be easy. Also branching/skipping won't be necessary anymore and the development team is really glad that this does not have to be developed anymore. Also with the simplification of the question types overly complicated statistics are reduced to a few charts and time measures (e.g. 12 questions answered wrong / 2 question answered right / time needed:12:45).

We are really happy to announce this new development. If you have more question or comments please post in the forums. We will be happy about your feedback about this exciting change!

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