LimeSurvey 1.90 released!

LimeSurvey 1.90 is finally out! Please give your thanks to the great LimeSurvey team who made this possible: our coders, translators & forum supporters (in no particular order). They all contributed to make this software great -  if you want to help please consider to give a helping hand with updating translations, help other users on the forums, spread the word about LimeSurvey or just make a monetary donation!

LimeSurvey 1.90 features three new translations (Maltese, Irish & Hindi), and over 40 new & updated features. One known issue: RemoteControl isn't working completely in this version - but we are already working to revamp it for 1.91 (it requires some bigger code changes).

Download the new version now or read the feature changelog after the jump.

New features in LimeSurvey 1.90 (from 1.87+)

+New translation: Maltese kindly provided by Richard Pullicino - richard (dot) pullicino (at) me (dot) com (c_schmitz)
+New translation: Irish - kindly contributed by Karin Whooley, National Centre for Technology in Education, Dublin (c_schmitz)
+New translation: Hindi (abhinav1, smartbehl)
+New feature: Very basic HTTPS support (c_schmitz) - allows dynamic switching between https and http
+New feature: Displays name of quota as header when adding new 'answers' (jcleeland)
+New feature: Show number of tokens and response rate for surveys using tokens. (maziminke)
+New feature: Layout improvements to make distingushing quotas a bit easier, messagebox class for add-answer, and new option to make adding multiple answers to a quota simpler (jcleeland)
+New feature: Default values can now be set in a different dialog. Language dependant default values for the option 'Other' now possible (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Multiple label sets can be exported/imported now as one file. (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Non-standard design templates now reside in the /upload/templates dir. Makes backup of user generated content easier since it is all in one place and also allows to set stricter permissions on the standard /templates dir (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Show number of tokens and response rate for surveys using tokens. (maziminke)
+New feature: Support for native MSSQL 2005+ adodb driver - patch by c-pucci (c_schmitz)
+New feature: When browsing responses you can mark now several responses for deletion and delete all with a single click (c_schmitz)
+New feature #4272: Disable scrollwheel in listboxes/dropdownboxes to prevent accidental scrolling - patch kindly provided by 'jas' (lemeur)
+New feature: Database-based sessions for load balanced servers which can be activated by a new configuration settings (see config-defaults.php) (c_schmitz)
+New feature: While creating a survey you can now copy an existing one (machaven)
+New feature: Completely reworked XML-based import/export format for questions/groups/surveys/label sets (cschmitz)
+New feature: Label sets are no longer connected to questions - they are merely templates for subquestions or answers (cschmitz)
+New feature: New concept of sub-questions was introduced (cschmitz)
+New feature: Completely new AJAX interface for editing answers/subquestion including the ability to quick-add/replace from label sets or by pasting from Excel or CSV (cschmitz)
+New feature: Integrity check now checks and removes invalid survey permissions automatically (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Integrity check now checks for orphaned survey language settings (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Multiple checkbox selection in template rights screen, so you can choose all templates or no templates with one click (jcleeland)
+New feature #2613: Added question attribute "numbers_only" to question type "Array Multi Flexible Text" - actually, it's adding attribute "Text inputs" to the array (numbers) question type, so that it presents a text input box rather than a dropdown. Note, if selected, overrides minimum value, maximum value and step. (jcleeland)
+New feature: Input-boxes for array (numbers) question type (jcleeland)
+New feature: When filtering for text questions you can use now % and * as wildcards and use OR and ',' as separators matching for multiple values at the same time - patch by ecaron (c_schmitz)
+New feature: If the maximum character question attribute is set then the print view is properly adjusted (mdekker)
+New feature: Question divs now have ID with schema 'question<qestion_id>' so you can style questions in print view individually (c_schmitz)
+New feature: When copying a question, LimeSurvey now displays the newly created (copied) question after saving (jcleeland)
+New feature: Delete multiple token entries using select boxes (jcleeland)
+New feature: Usability enhancements to response browsing (cschmitz)
+New feature: Use @@SURVEYURL@@ in invitation/reminder emails to be able to use it inside an <a href > link (cschmitz)
+New feature: Opt-out feature for invitations/reminder emails (cschmitz)
+New feature: Question attributes for the time_limit feature - disable previous button while timer counts down, 2nd warning message, insert your own countdown text. Also re-ordered display of time limit group in advanced settings. (jcleeland)
+New feature: Survey count for each users is shown in the user administration (c_schmitz)
+New feature: {INSERTANS:xxx} placeholders are now available in confirmation email for surveys with non-anonymous answers. (lemeur)
#Updated feature: the {TOKEN} replacement field is now available in confirmation email. (lemeur)
#Updated feature: Dropped support for importing questions/question groups/survey from any PHPSurveyor/LimeSurvey version older than 1.50 (DBversion 114) (c_schmitz)
#Updated feature: Changed the class for the {QUESTIONHELP} element to "survey-question-help" in all templates (differentiates it from the {QUESTION_HELP} element) (tpartner)
#Updated feature: Allow .ico files to be uploaded at the template editor so that users can upload their own favicons. (maziminke)

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