Version 2.0 - first alpha version released

The LimeSurvey team is proud to release the first alpha Version of LimeSurvey 2.0. This new version has come a long way and basically is a port of LimeSurvey 1 to a complete new codebase. It is NOT a complete rewrite which we intended to do a couple years ago - unfortunately we lacked resources to ever complete that one so we decided to go this much more transitioning way. However LimeSurvey 2.0 does not lack new features.

Beside the port to a PHP framework the new version most notably sports a new condition engine which we call Expression Manager (EM). Currently it runs in parallel to the old condition engine and will on a short term replace it completely. EM makes it possible to use advanced piping, micro-tailoring and complex equations to decide if a question is visible/relevant or not. Also LimeSurvey offers now an archive format which makes it possible to archive & download a complete survey in its current state (including responses/timings/tokens). You can restore it later again at any LimeSurvey installation. There are many more new features - click 'Read more' below to learn about it.

Download now the LimeSurvey 2.0alpha version and give it a try - report any issues you come across to our bug tracker so we can release the next version as soon as possible.


Changes from 1.91+ to 2.0alpha:

  • Ported LimeSurvey to use a PHP framework (magiclko,dionet)
  • Advanced way to create conditions/piping/micro-tailoring based on equations by using the Expression Manage (EM) engine (tmswhite)
  • Auto-generate Relevance Equation from Conditions when save question (tmswhite)
  • GUI for ExpressionManager (tmswhite)
  • Central participants database (anieshh)
  • A real installer (magiclko)
  • CodeMirror UI editor now used when editing templates  (magiclko)
  • $lwcdropdowns setting removed from config-defaults.php and moved to Advanced question settings for List with Comment question type (c_schmitz)
  • Ability to make last minute changes in the survey activation screen to settings that cannot be changed after activation anymore (c_schmitz)
  • Export multiple survey archives at the survey list as one big ZIP file (c_schmitz)
  • Export survey ZIP archive function with includes the survey structure, responses, tokens and timings - can be used for archival purposes or to move a survey from one server to another. (c_schmitz)
  • Global setting to restrict the languages being available in administration or frontend (c_schmitz)
  • Implemented mass actions in surveylist which allows to delete/expire several surveys at the same time - only available to super administrators (c_schmitz)
  • In deactivation screen you can choose now between deactivation and expiration (c_schmitz)
  • Multilingual question attributes (c_schmitz)
  • New RemoteControl 2 XML-RPC interface (instead of the old SOAP interface) (c_schmitz)
  • Randomization groups for question groups (c_schmitz)
  • Reorder questions/question groups per Drag-n-drop (c_schmitz)
  • Show modified question attributes at question summary (c_schmitz)
  • URL params for integration of survey panels (c_schmitz)

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