Google Code in 2011 - Some results

The Google Code in 2011 contest is nearly over and once more it was a great success for Limesurvey. Besides lots of awesome work done by our student porting the upcoming 2.0 version to the "Yii" MVC framework some further work was done which we want to present here:

1. One of LimeSurvey’s Google Code-In 2011 projects that didn't include actual programming involved analyzing the statistical data about visits to the website using Google Analytics. LimeSurvey uses Google Analytics to collect a wealth of information about the countries its users are from, their language preferences, their browser preferences, and what pages they view. Full results from the project can be found here.
The data from Google Analytics showed that in the last two years the number of monthly visits to have nearly doubled. In the month of October, the website was visited by people in 185 different countries. Firefox is the most popular browser among users by a large margin. The most common source of visitors is the Google search engine, and the most visited pages other than the main page include the English instructions, demo, and downloads page.

2. One of our students developed a small survey for us to collect more information about the question type usage (fill it out here). The results were analysed by another studend and can be looked at here.

3. To demonstrate the use of certain feature we have created several demo surveys which you can import using the "import" tab when creating a new survey at the Limesurvey admin backend:
- Download Limesurvey Array filter demo survey
- Download Limesurvey Assessments demo survey
- Download Limesurvey Conditions demo survey
- Download Limesurvey Question attributes demo survey
- Download Limesurvey Quotas demo survey

4. To gather some more user feedback, GCi students have created several surveys. Please take some time to fill them out:
- Limesurvey question type usage
- Limesurvey feature usage
- Limesurvey user interface survey

5. Other tasks included translation updates of the most important manual pages to German, French and Spanish or extending existing English documentation.
Feel free to extend the first version of the Limesurvey glossary we created and check out the new "How to create a good survey" tips (please add your thought there!).

We want to thank all students who have helped us, you did a great job!

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