Limesurvey 1.92 RC3 released

The LimeSurvey team is pleased to announce the release of version 1.92 RC3. You can download it here.

It fixes all bugs identified in the 1.92 RC2 release, plus adds several new features including:

  • Default values now available for the following question types: Date, Short/Long/Huge Text, Multiple ShortText, Multiple Numerical
  • array_filter now also available for multiple_numeric and multiple_short_text
  • min/max_answers - now also available for all array types, multiple_numeric and multiple_short_text
  • min/max_num_value_n - now also available for multiple_numeric
  • new question attributes to call validation functions for each sub-question
  • Improved validation display - no more pop-ups. If validations rules fail, the validation tip is shown in red (it turns to green if it is OK). For questions with multiple text entry fields, each invalid field will have its background color changed to red to indicate that there is a problem.
  • print answers at the end only shows relevant questions
  • several fixes to better ensure support for existing surveys

Furthermore, we have updated the wiki documentation to describe how to use the many new features available in 1.92, especially Expression Manager and the new features described above.

We hope this will be the final release candidate before a stable release, so please download and test it. If you find any bugs, please report them on the bug tracker.

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