LimeSurvey 2.00+ released

As many of you have noticed: LimeSurvey 2 is now available. It has been the cumulation of almost a year of work and though it seems pretty much the same to the outside (except for some new features) the inner workings have been completely rewritten. (and more will be done in the future). The long-term goal of these changes is to make LimeSurvey as modular as possible, e.g. the upcoming Version 2.1 will encapsulate question times for the first time as plugins. We know for a fact that there are still minor quirks hidden somewhere in LimeSurvey 2.0 (this is absolutely normal considering this complete rewrite) but if you report any issues you encounter we will be up to fix these as soon as possible.

For now we want to thank you everyone who donated for their generosity and their donation played a big part in pushing LimeSurvey 2.0 out. It would be great if we can meet this year donation goal to ensure the development for the rest of the year.

For now don't hesitate to download the latest 2.0 or click below to read the change log from 1.92 to 2.0.

Make sure to read the manual on upgrading from any version lower than 2.0.


LimeSurvey 1.92+ to 2.0 Changelog

+New feature: A real installer (magiclko)
+New feature #5044: Allowing selection of token valid from/until datea(#1) (Shubham Sachdeva)
+New feature #5762: Empty class on empty input type text (Denis Chenu)+New feature #5807: Ability to replace survey_runtime.js function in template
+New feature #6073: Token information on the browse index (Denis Chenu)
+New feature: "Send confirmation emails?" setting in Survey properties --> General settings --> Tokens. (Tony Partner)
+New feature: $lwcdropdowns setting removed from config-defaults.php and moved to Advanced question settings for List with Comment question type (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Ability to change admin theme in global settings (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Ability to copy data from participant attribute to the token field in a survey token table (jcleeland)
+New feature: Ability to make last minute changes in the survey activation screen to settings that cannot be changed after activation anymore (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Ability to overwrite/create attribute values for existing participants when importing from a CSV file (jcleeland)
+New feature: Ability to reset Expression Manager for admin with showlogicfile
+New feature: Add drag and drop feature to ranking question - done by GCI participant Nano8Blazex (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Added link from deactivation page to export page and corrected language (jcleeland)
+New feature: Added remotecontrol function get_site_settings (Spiros Trougakos)
+New feature: Allow different repeat heading for array, array text and array number question type (Denis Chenu)
+New feature: Attribute hide_tip now available for date question (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Create new label sets or replace old ones from subquestions or answers
+New feature: CSS styles for EM's "Show Logic File" feature (Marcel Minke)
+New feature: Database installation by command line. Usage: "php index.php installer cmd_install_db" (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Direct link from individual token entries to matching entry in the participants database in action row (jcleeland)
+New feature: Direct link from tokens to participants grid showing linked participants only (jcleeland)
+New feature: Dropdown inline search options for jqGrid survey list (useful for active/expired/inactive) (jcleeland)
+New feature: Each type of validation tip can be styled separately (so if a question fails validation checks, you can see whether it is because of wrong number of answers, wrong value range, wrong sum range, or wrong regex criteria). (tmswhite)
+New feature: Export multiple survey archives at the survey list as one big ZIP file (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Export survey ZIP archive function with includes the survey structure, responses, tokens and timings - can be used for archival purposes or to move a survey from one server to another. (c_schmitz)
+New feature: Global setting to restrict the languages being available in administration or frontend (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Header of ranking droptable in advanced settings (Denis Chenu)
+New feature: Implemented mass actions in surveylist which allows to delete/expire several surveys at the same time - only available to super administrators (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: In deactivation screen you can choose now between deactivation and expiration (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: More class on question and answer item for easiest manipulation
+New feature: More explicit labels for accessibility, hidden by default with .hide class
+New feature: Multilingual question attributes (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: New admin style (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: New admin style 'gartergrey' (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: New admin style 'gringegreen' (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: New images for cpdb links - 12 and 16pt size (jcleeland)
+New feature: New images for jqGrid navButtons (jcleeland)
+New feature: New translation: Spanish (Chile) kindly provided by Victor Pinto (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Option to display text responses 'inline' in statistics output (will need translations) (Jason Cleeland)
+New feature: Option to switch between different graphs/no graph in statistics - switchable in advanced question settings and in statistics itself (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Participant CSV import detects existence of participant_id in CSV file, and if it exists, uses the participant_id to detect duplicates. Also cleaned up colors and styles of upload summary. (jcleeland)
+New feature: Permissions are now copied by default when copying a survey - also added an additional option to exclude it. (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Ported LimeSurvey to use the Yii framework (magiclko,dionet)
+New feature: Question save/save and close options - instead of just updating and closing, now choice is to save and keep editing, or to save and return to question view. My wife made me do it. (jcleeland)
+New feature: Question save/save and close options - instead of just updating and closing, now choice is to save and keep editing, or to save and return to question view. My wife made me do it. (jcleeland)
+New feature: Randomization groups for question groups Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Randomization groups for question groups Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: RemoteControl 'Activate survey' function (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: RemoteControl 'Activate tokens' function (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: RemoteControl function 'Export responses as csv/xls/pdf/doc' (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: RemoteControl function 'Modify survey locale setting' (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: RemoteControl functions 'Add/delete survey language' (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Remotecontrol functions for manipulation of groups (Spiros Trougakos)
+New feature: Remotecontrol functions for manipulation of questions (Spiros Trougakos)
+New feature: Remotecontrol functions for manipulation of surveys (Spiros Trougakos)
+New feature: Remotecontrol functions for manipulation of tokens (Spiros Trougakos)
+New feature: Remotecontrol functions invite_participants, remind_participants (Spiros Trougakos)
+New feature: RemoteControl Import survey function (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: RemoteControl 'Modify survey settings' function (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: RemoteControl RPC API can now be switched to Off,JSON-RPC or XML-RPC (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Reorder questions/question groups per Drag-n-drop (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Search option 'begins with' in cpdb so fields can be searched in an alternative way to 'contains' (jcleeland)
+New feature: Show Google maps with markers at statistics by GCI participant Licker Nandor (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Show modified question attributes at question summary (Carsten Schmitz)
+New feature: Sorting for inline text listing in statistics display, also initial sorting for text display of numerical responses. Todo: fix some of the sorting problems for numerical responses (jcleeland)
+New feature: Statistics browse, etc - view file and generic sort icons (jcleeland)
+New feature: Statistics output screen cleaned up, placed inside collapsible divs (jcleeland)
+New feature: Survey links table now stores "Last invite" and "Date completed" information for survey links (jcleeland)
+New feature: Timer function added to radio list question type (jcleeland)
+New feature: Token section workflow improvements by GCI participant Nano8Blazex
+New feature: URL params for integration of survey panels (Carsten Schmitz)
+New translation: Afrikaans (Andrie de Vries)
+New translation: Amharic - provided by Mezene Worku
+New translation: Czech informal
+New translation: Swahili