LimeSurvey Version 1.50 Stable Release!

Press Release: The LimeSurvey development-team is very proud to announce the new stable version 1.50. The worldwide team of about seventeen developers and translators around project leader Carsten Schmitz invested over one year in developing and testing this new version of the currently most used open source survey system. The software, which was previously named PHPSurveyor and renamed May 2007 to LimeSurvey, has been improved a lot and many new wanted features have been added. 
In short the most import new features are: 

  • New User-Management-System
  • MS SQL compatibility
  • Multi-lingual Surveys (do the same survey in several languages at the same time) 
  • New Question Types 
  • New administrative GUI 
  • Online documentation  
  • 9 additional languages (25 in total) 

Additionally there were many other improvements, which are all listed in the change log .
LimeSurvey is very much comparable to any commercial product and a great example for the success of an Open Source Project for private, corporate and public services use. 
Download Limesurvey now!

LimeSurvey wouldn't have been possible without the lots and lots of work of contributors working in their spare time.

I can't possibly thank you, the team developers and translators, enough for your encouragment, work and determination to make LimeSurvey a great product. I just can say: You succeeded!

To the donators who thought in the past that donating to this project would help: You were right!

Based on the team and donator support we will continue to support and enhance LimeSurvey in the future and this future looks very bright and shiny right now!