150.000 LimeSurvey Downloads!

The 24th of October 2007 is and will always be an important day for the LimeSurvey project: This day will be remembered as the date when LimeSurvey reached the mark of the 150.000th download. Since February 2003 the number of downloads grows constantly and so the LimeSurvey community gets bigger and bigger, growing more and more worldwide.

These days LimeSurvey is translated into more than 35 languages and has embraced users on every continent, which do successfully a countless number of surveys every day.

Some other facts about LimeSurvey:

  • On every day LimeSurvey is downloaded between 250 and 500 times

  • LimeSurvey is one of the most successful projects on sourceforge.net (Position 130 from more than 100.000 registered projects).

  • Around 800 unique visitors visit www.limesurvey.org per day with up to 110,000 hits

But don't worry: The LimeSurvey development team won't rest on the laurels of the last weeks and months and is happy to announce the next LimeSurvey release v1.53 for the beginning of November 2007.

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