LimeSurvey 2: Surveys never felt this good!

LimeSurvey has stiff competition from the OS community and industry so we think it is time to put the squeeze on our rivals and push LimeSurvey to a new level.

So what is the big deal about LimeSurvey 2 ?

LimeSurvey 2 is not just an addition of features to the current 1.7. LimeSurvey 2 will be a survey engine completely rewritten from scratch featuring the following things:

Fast, fun, and elegant survey taking

  • The user feels in control, can get in and out of the survey quickly, knows how long the survey will take, can whip through the questions, and is delighted by the entire experience of taking the survey in LimeSurvey.

Creating a survey makes you feel like a pro

  • Beautiful user experience, drag and drop layout service
  • No developer skills required
  • Web poll widgets
  • Advanced tools such as branching, conditionals, looping, continuous surveys, history
  • Panel/people management

Useful reporting

  • Export data to Excel, tabd, SPSS, R, ManyEyes, and several other formats
  • Dashboards and reporting over time

Speaks your language

  • Language plugin support (a la LimeSurvey v1.7’s more than fourty different languages)

Up and running in 20 minutes

  • Packaged service on your hardware, behind your firewall or on your ISP’s stack
  • Use your branding and personalization special sauce

Easy development

  • Modularity: You want to plugin in your hand-crafted authentication module? You want to code a new question type? No problem.
  • Object oriented using CakePHP framework: Professional development based on an established PHP framwork
  • Usability: LS 2 is designed under the merciless supervision of usability and design experts.
  • Scalability: Scalable for your particular needs. No matter if you want to make a quick poll or have a multi-hour 360° survey.
  • Contribute in less than an hour: Within 1 hour of diving into the code and design, contributors should be able to create custom question types and basic service functions
  • Open Source: LimeSurvey 2 will be open source and free (as it is with LimeSurvey 1.70 now) - not locked up, not propietary.

So.. that's too good to be true, isn't it all talk?
It's not. LimeSurvey 2 is not just vaporware. We’re in serious but early development. Since the release of v1.7, core developers are just migrating to the new v2 code base (available in our Subversion repository). Check out our Wiki on 1.7x development and maintenance.

What happens to the 1.7x branch?
We will continue to provide 1.70+ releases with fixes and language updates on a weekly base. When the time comes we will offer a full featured conversion/upgrade from 1.70x to the LimeSurvey 2 software.  

A small downside: To the end of April however we will discontinue support for all 1.0x versions. It's been two years now since we released this version so it is time to upgrade now .

Want to know more about LimeSurvey 2 ?
The LimeSurvey 2 forum is buzzing. Visit, read the updates, take our survey, see the early designs, touch the code, and contribute. We need your help in creating the best survey software on planet earth!

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