ReMoDel - International Workshop on Free Survey Software

ImageThe LimeSurvey project will be attending the ReMoDel event in Italy/Padua. Althought the final date of the workshop is not set yet we are happy that we will be a part of this event. There will be also a four hour LimeSurvey workshop where you can explore the secrets of LimeSurvey under professional guidance.

The aim of the ReMoDel workshop is to bring developers of open source survey software together with practitioners, researchers and users of survey software in order to discuss common problems and plan the way forward.

The workshop will consist of a conference and some short courses. The conference will consist of an introductory session and a number of plenary sessions. Each plenary session will consist of an introductory presentation and two other presentations about the issue of the session. The presentations will take up no more than half the time of the session, so to leave room for discussion among the participants. Care will be taken that presentations may be understood by all attendees, so they should not be overly technical.

Two or more short courses will be held, too, on the topical issue. The courses will last half a day and will be held before the conference. Separate courses may be held in different languages, so to favour participation.

Do not miss this chance to meet survey developers and professional users. If you would like to get more information visit the ReMoDel page and/or register with the official ReMoDel mailing list.

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