LimeSurvey 1.71 Released!

This new 1.71 release of LimeSurvey marks the last four months of continous work and development where numerous fixes and small enhancement have been done in the code since version 1.70(+).

Not only we added a few new features, like optional PDF generation of surveys, but also our users helped us with 6 (six!) new translations - some of them are full translations, like Korean (which has been created by a South Korean Cyber Crime Police Unit - would you believe that?), and some of them are just sprouting, like Persian. Thank you very much to everyone helping keeping the translations up to date and adding new ones!

It's also very important to mention that we did alot of security audits on the source code so LimeSurvey is even more safe to run and use. We strongly recommend to update to this new version to get the safest, best and most stable version.

Also we will continue to release weekly Plus versions to always be able to deliver the latest translations and fixes as soon as possible. However new features will be expected only for LimeSurvey 2 which is already in the making and where a first internal alpha development step is reached. If you want to help with design or development on LimeSurvey 2, now is the right moment to jump in!

Head over to download and upgrade to the latest shiny LimeSurvey version!

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