LimeSurvey Article on German Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine Cover The German Linux magazine will publish a special issue on the 12th of July (tomorrow as of this writing). This issue about web software topics will sport an article about LimeSurvey named 'Refreshingly Easy' (roughly translated from German). It contains a tutorial how to use LimeSurvey to create your own online survey and that way you can find out more about your potential customers. If you are German and want to get a fresh introduction to LimeSurvey don't hesitate and buy this magazine online or at your next kiosk. We are very proud since this is the first time a magazine (you know: the one with real paper) is writing about us - expect more to come.

btw: The French Linux Magazine happened to be the sponsor of the last years Trophées du Libre where LimeSurvey made first place in the 'Business Management' software contest. Thank you for this support!