LimeSurvey needs your help!

During the last few weeks LimeSurvey has had some great news:

  • Incredible Growth: The LimeSurvey community doubled its size during the last 8 months; now has around 90,000 visitors every month, almost 6000 registered users and the numbers are rising!

  • LimeSurvey 1.8 Coming: The feature freeze on the LimeSurvey 1.7x has been lifted and there is work going on for version 1.8. So if you have a great and stable feature developed for 1.7x now it is the time to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The first beta version of 1.8 will be released end of September and it will contain at least a new quesiton type, new chart graphics in statistics (without jpGraph) and much more!
  • LimeSurvey 2 Progressing: The development lead changed and some new architecture decisions have been made. One of these changes is to use the jQuery javascript framework instead of dojo. The jQuery community provides a lot more user-contributed quality plugins than the dojo community and also jQuery is easier to learn. We want LimeSurvey 2 to be easy for new developers and we want LimeSurvey 2 to be released by the end of the year with your help.

However to hold our LimeSurvey 2 Development Timeline we have two problems where we need your help!

  • Donations: Due to our high user numbers LimeSurvey is a full-time project now - at least one project member is working now full-time for LimeSurvey - but we rarely receive donations. Even though our user numbers have doubled - our donations have not. It is hard to buy food on a 'thank you' and we don't want to plaster the LimeSurvey homepage with bad-looking Google ads! If you want to help us speed up development of LimeSurvey 1.8 and LimeSurvey 2 then consider a serious donation to the project. LimeSurvey can provide a standard invoice for your donation if you require, just leave a comment when you donate.
  • Development help: If you are a kick-ass PHP and CakePHP (and even maybe jQuery) developer and you would like to do some great work in an open source project with more than 10,000 downloads every month and ranked in the top 100 on please get in touch with us!

Thank you!

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