Important changes for the LimeSurvey project


Dear LimeSurvey user,

We would like to inform you about important changes behind the LimeSurvey project.

In this article:
  • Behind the scenes
  • New service: ComfortUpdate
  • Upcoming features & changes for 2.x branch
  • The long run: LimeSurvey 3
  • LimeSurvey user story - Dr. Grieger & Cie. Market Research Behind the scenes

The LimeSurvey project has for a long time been a project driven only by great volunteers - they put in alot of work, all spent from their free time. In later years LimeService (the hosting service) and the LimeSurvey Partners network were created.
However, more and more maintenance is required, not only for the project itself but also for the source code due to its sheer size.
LimeSurvey is now so big and successful that coding new functions/features and redesigning existing features takes usually too much time for a single volunteer coder, who usually can not spare more than a few hours per week.
So we founded the company 'LimeSurvey GmbH' and we are happy to announce that we now hired two full-time coders, Louis Gac and Olle Härstedt, who will work together with our volunteers to speed up LimeSurvey development and create new great features!

New service: ComfortUpdate - 50% OFF

ComfortUpdate is a module in LimeSurvey which helps you to update LimeSurvey to the latest version with a few mouse clicks instead of downloading the files and uploading them to your server.
We rewrote the code behind ComfortUpdate to make it much safer to use & update and ComfortUpdate is now part of a premium package that you can buy at We offer one month of trial use so you can test it out thoroughly and see if it is useful for your future updates.
Also when buying the ComfortUpdate package we currently offer a 50% discount - just use the coupon code 'DISCOUNT50' at the checkout.

Upcoming features & changes for the LimeSurvey 2.x branch

Our immediate goals are now to change two things. At the moment we are coding to give the existing LimeSurvey 2.06 administration a more contemporary design.
If you want to sneak a peak please visit - your feedback is welcome - please note that we are updating the preview version as we go.

On top of that we are working on a responsive template so any survey can easily be used on mobile and desktop devices at the same time. The new template system will be primarily based on the bootstrap framework and this new responsive template also will be the new default template.
To make it fully compatible and completely responsive some changes to the template system will be required which our coders are currently working on.

The long run: LimeSurvey 3

One of our long time team members and volunteers, Sam Mousa, is currently the main developer on LimeSurvey 3  and we are proud that a big part of this development is backed by the World Health Organization. Sam Mousa invested a huge amount of time on this rewrite and our full-time developers will step in soon.
This version is largely a complete rewrite of the 2.0 codebase, with the Central Participant Database completely rewritten, lots of new feature and better performance. We expect to release a stable Version 3.0 by early 2016.

A LimeSurvey user story - Dr. Grieger & Cie. Market Research

The market research firm Dr. Grieger & Cie. Market Research from Germany is using LimeSurvey since 2010. They run online access panels in more than 50 countries on their website They conduct surveys with more than 100.000 participants each month using LimeSurvey. “For us LimeSurvey has always been the preferred choice among so many survey systems out there”, says Gunnar Grieger, founder and owner of Dr. Grieger & Cie. Market Research. “We tested many commercial tools in the past. However, LimeSurvey always met our needs. What we like most is the dedicated support and the continuous development of new features. Good luck, going professional, LimeSurvey!”

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