LimeSurvey 2.50 and recent development

LimeSurvey 2.50 released!

In the past users have asked us repeatedly to revamp the administration interface and surveys.
With LimeSurvey 2.50 we made this come true. On top of that we also revamped the survey templates to be completely responsive for any kind of display - be it a smartphone, tablet or a desktop PC.
We had 2.50 in Release Candidate status for more than 4 months and in general we received very few bug reports from the community.
At some point it became clear that waiting even longer would not yield any more considerable amount of reports, - so we decided to release
LimeSurvey to new users exclusively a couple weeks ago. (For a very short time it was also available to 2.06 users on ComfortUpdate but that was not intended - we apologize for this!).

Finally with this 2.50 release we are receiving a good and wanted amount of bug reports and are releasing a new 2.50+ build version almost daily, with latest translations and latest fixes.
These daily releases are there to show that we take your reports very seriously and we want you to get issues fixed as soon as possible.
We are also very thankful for everyone that contributes to the translations as many texts have changed inside LimeSurvey.

To be fully responsive (we are relying on the Bootstrap framework) the new version 2.50 does not have backward-compatible templates, anymore. Also to deal with contemporary characters like emojis the requirements for the MySQL version were raised to 5.5.2 (this should not be a problem with any decent hoster)

We are asking existing 2.0x users to hold their horses for a very short while longer regarding updating to the latest version as we are still clearing update paths.
You will know when it is cleared, because at that point we will start offering the version 2.50 on ComfortUpdate (as we did with previous versions) and on LimeService.

LimeSurvey 2.06 LTS being available soon

We are aware that there are many professional users who have a big amount of running surveys and it will take them some time and preparation to move to LimeSurvey 2.50. For these users we will be offering a LTS (Long Term support) version that we will provide for at least 6 months. This version will mainly include security fixes and (if anything like this should come up) high-impact bug fixes.
This version will only be made available as download package or by ComfortUpdate to users who bought a Premium/ComfortUpdate package starting in March.

Further roadmap

After 2.5 development and issue fixing has calmed down we will merge 2.5 and 3.0 to extend on making LimeSurvey even more modular for the future.
LimeSurvey 3.0 is currently scheduled for Q4 2016.

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