Workshop report 5/2019 - What's up with LimeSurvey 4

We are constantly improving LimeSurvey, that is why we are working on a new edition that will come up with a new redesigned editor and state-of-the-art functionalities. In this report we will tell you about the new features that have been already implemented, as well as about the functionalities planned to be released in the upcoming weeks.

The new question editor

Starting with LimeSurvey Developer Edition 4.0.0beta1, a new question editor will be provided. It has been completely redesigned, as it was split up and not very easy to use. The new system provides a live-preview mode to help users easily edit questions, as well as subquestions and answer option in the same window. The new design is based on VueJS2 and CKEditor 5. We have also added a script field to the question editing, where you can add scripts that should be run with the question. It is automatically wrapped in the necessary on:ready functions.

New text- and source editor

The popup editor has been removed. We have added in exchange a pure source mode based on the ACE-editor, the same one used in our theme editor. Now it is easier to work with the source code of your questions, subquestions, question groups, and any other text edition fields in LimeSurvey. The source mode can be set to the default mode in the personal options.

Global survey options

With LimeSurvey 4 you are able to change your global survey options. The global options will be inherited by any survey in the system. Moreover, you can see the inherited value in the overviews. This goes the same way as the design theme options introduced in LimeSurvey 3:

Global survey settings -> Survey group settings -> Survey settings

Other notable changes

The most important changes are hidden from sight. The database has been restructured, languages are now fully normalized, providing us the opportunity to build the foundations of a limitless survey software.

The first steps to a fully modularized survey rendering are also done with this version. The question types now consist of a data renderer, a view renderer, and a twig package, making it easy to correct and fix question-related issues. We’ve added a few other extra options, like question-based encryption settings, as well as soft-mandatory question attributes. Future development We are currently removing papercuts in the newly created functionalities and recreating the functions that were available before the changes. We will also add in the upcoming weeks a way to upload and use custom question themes in LimeSurvey 4.

Some parts are still not working perfectly and we are in heavy testing to find all possible edge cases. If you wish to help us, please download the beta release, test it, and report all the issues found on our bugs tracker. Join our forum discussion about the new release and stay tuned for more information about the development of LimeSurvey 4!