LimeInterview #3: Meet our partner "Survey Consulting"


Q: When and for what project did you use LimeSurvey the first time?
We have started using LimeSurvey back in 2007 (version 1.53). The goal was to connect LimeSurvey to a student management tool used by universities. LimeSurvey allowed students to rate the different courses they attended.

Q: When did you start your business?
A: May 2009 - we just celebrated our 10th anniversary!

Q: Tell us about your company and your team.
A: From what I can tell, we are the most experienced LimeSurvey partner with > 1.000 LimeSurvey projects dealt with. We are a very modern company and we can't even state "there are X employees at our office" because our team is spread all over the world. There is a designer in Austria, our software developers are from Germany, Argentina, India, and France, we have survey design experts in India, our JavaScript expert is located in Canada ... so we are a very international team of experts who connect globally for different LimeSurvey projects.

Q: Are you or your colleagues active in the LimeSurvey community (forum or Discord chat)?
A: Yes, for more than 10 years we are helping users on IRC or in the LimeSurvey forums. Watch out for user name "Mazi".

Q: Which services do you offer as LimeSurvey authorized partner?
A: Short answer: All services listed on In addition to that, we are running an online shop on from where you can download professional LimeSurvey themes. We will soon publish plugins to enhance the power of LimeSurvey.

We are also offering an Android app called "OfflineSurveys" for running LimeSurvey surveys offline. Check out for more details.

Q: Do you offer themes, questionnaires, or plugins in the LimeStore?
Yes. We are currently offering some basic themes and plugins for free. Of course, we are developing many more at the moment.

Q: Are there any plans for new plugins or services you are going to offer?
Definitely! We are planning to release about 10 LimeSurvey plugins this year, as well as 5-6 professional LimeSurvey themes which will come with different theme options that can be easily adjusted according to the needs of the researcher.

Q: Which is the most frequent customer request you receive?
A: "Help, I accidentally de-activated my survey. Are my responses lost?"… and to answer that question right away: No, they are not!

Since that is a support request received quite often, we have written some instructions on "How to restore data from a deactivated LimeSurvey survey" on our website.

Q: Do you have a special tip for advanced LimeSurvey users?
A: Yes. Even though it is a complex tool, you should read about the "LimeSurvey Expression Manager". It is a very powerful feature we are using a lot, especially for custom reports and doing calculations at survey runtime You can even store the calculated values as answers.

Q: Tell us about your most interesting or challenging LimeSurvey project.
A: That's a tough question since we have dealt with so many projects. WHO (World Health Organization) always challenges us with huge and complex surveys and there have been various projects which involved complex reporting dashboards.

But overall, the most challenging project is the LimeSurvey adaptation we have developed together with "myradiotest" ( They are using LimeSurvey to ask users to rate different songs. Based on that feedback, radio stations all over the world are adjusting their playlists. There are over 100 different radio stations using the tool. More than 1.000 surveys are being conducted every year. The adjusted LimeSurvey software includes a media player being automatically integrated into certain questions. We also created a mobile optimized LimeSurvey theme for this customer, working currently on extending the reporting dashboard offered to their customers. Once a year we are visiting the customer in Vienna to train the staff and discuss new features and future development.

Q: What do you like most about LimeSurvey – besides being free, open source, and professional?
A: We love the new plugin system and would love to see many more plugin events (they can be provided by any LimeSurvey user!). Same applies to the LimeSurvey API. There are many more things you could do by extending it. From our experience, we can confirm that more and more users have started connecting LimeSurvey to other tools used by their company or organization.

Q: Is there anything you would like to see implemented in future releases of LimeSurvey?
A: While it is possible to apply conditions for subquestions, we would love to have the possibility to apply conditions to answer options. For example, "List radio" questions would definitely benefit a lot from that.

Q: What are you truly passionate about?
A: Using new technology to speed up things and to make life easier for everyone. That's why we help improving LimeSurvey every day.