Report on LimeCon 2019 – partners and developers met in real life

LimeSurvey partners from all around the world met in September the LimeSurvey GmbH team in Hamburg for two days of sharing ideas. The group of more than 20 persons from ten countries collaborated this time not only in , on GitHub, or in the LimeSurvey forum, but met in real life for the first time. Some participants have been collaborating virtually for over ten years, but they never met in person before. As a result, the first LimeCon ever organised was not only a place for exchanging ideas about LimeSurvey, but also a social event.

LimeSurvey authorized partners from Argentina, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands introduced the services they offer (for example: support, installation, survey creation, customization, theme design, and training) and some of their very complex or very big survey projects done in the past.

There was a hands-on demonstration of the new features of the upcoming LimeSurvey version 4, that you can already check out on You can also try it out by downloading the development version from LimeSurvey 4 will be a huge step forward and will include many improvements both in the administration backend (where you will find among other features an integrated question preview and updated text editor), as well as performance improvement under the hood. Question themes, modules, and user roles are just a few of the highlights. Regarding the future development of LimeSurvey, founder and CTO Carsten Schmitz and the new CEO, Sebastian Wendrich stressed that LimeSurvey will forever remain free and open source.

Details about the upcoming LimeStore were presented. LimeStore is the first place to visit when you are looking for extensions like plugins or themes. Even though LimeStore is still marked as beta, you can use it already to get access to plenty of free extensions, as well as extensions that can be unlocked by purchasing a Premium package (such as the 2-Factor-Authentication plugin developed by LimeSurvey GmbH). It will continue to grow and expand to cover the most diversified needs of the users.

But besides all the fruitful discussions, interesting presentations, and insights into the further development of LimeSurvey, the LimeCon also was fun and helped to change the perspective on some issues.

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